Self-Marriage Sessions

Private Self-Marriage sessions are designed to hold a mirror to reveal the wisdom within you, helping guide you on your journey of self-love and self-discovery. ?Sessions are not intended to help you “fix” your life or become “healed”, but to help you bring practice and presence to each moment anew as your life unfolds, perfect as you are.

Self-Marriage Sessions allow you to integrate the principles of Self-Marriage with daily life.? They are available to all who live with a commitment to truth; to those interested in the concept of Self-Marriage, those who have already married themselves, those who intend to someday marry themselves, those who are about to marry another, or those who are already married.

What you need:?

A longing to live in total love and self-love. ?A desire to practice the principles of Self-Marriage in your life, for real.

What you get:

*a safe space to explore your own wisdom and self-love with clear guidance and reflection

*the opportunity to delve deeply into yourself with regular, intensive practices

*one-on-one support for you to live your full potential, without any judgment or attempt to “fix” you

*meet weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly

*facilitated mini-ceremonies around the many aspects of self-love?and the?four aspects of self marriage?


We meet over the phone for one hour at a time. ?The first introduction call is complementary, and thereafter, each session is $75.

For any questions, more information or to book your session, contact Dominique at