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You are invited to walk down the aisle of your own heart

and meet yourself unveiled.

It’s a pretty bold decision to marry someone. You are, in essence, committing to love and live with another person for the rest of your life, no matter what. To grow together, to experience all the ups and downs of life together, perhaps to create a family. It’s a big commitment.

It’s funny that, while we may jump into lifelong commitment with another person, we hesitate in committing to ourselves–to holding ourselves with the same steady presence and compassion, to being there for ourselves no matter what, to supporting our own dreams and loving this miracle of a life we get to live in this body.

If you’ve ever doubted your inherent value, betrayed your own trust, lost yourself in a relationship, or felt there was something wrong with you for being single, you likely know the pain and disappointment of losing connection with yourself. Whether you are single, married, going through divorce, or about to marry, perhaps you also feel the importance of taking time to reconnect with yourself in a deep, soulful way and cultivate self-trust.

It is time.

  • Time to fully live your one wild and precious life.
  • Time to untie the stories, distractions and illusions that keep you small and lean into the life that is waiting for you.
  • Time to live what you long for.
  • Time to honor your innermost values.
  • Time to forgive yourself and be gentle with your innocent heart.
  • Time to stand firmly in what you know to be true and make a bold, lifelong commitment to love.
  • No matter what.

I know, it sounds big, daunting, and cliché. But if you’re anything like me, you know this is something felt deep within. And you know how hard it is to actually live it.

I, too, know those cold winter days where your heart feels as frozen as the snow-covered ground and all you want to do is crawl in a hole, hibernate, and wake up when it’s over, when it’s easy, when someone else can do the work it takes to live it for you.

I also know that we are the visionaries. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We share this game-changing dream, but what will it take to actually live it?

It is time to marry yourself.


How does Self-Marriage Unveiled: the 10-Week Program work?

  • The program begins the day you sign up: you will receive your first welcome email soon after registering.
  • Every week for 10 weeks, you will receive an email with a theme, question, ceremonial practice, and writing about Self-Marriage to inspire you to go deeper.
  • These self-inquiry practices will guide you into writing vows during week 7 and marrying yourself in your own ceremony in week 9.
  • Every other week you will be sent a recording of a Self-Marriage call to support your practice. The first call will be sent the day after you begin Self-Marriage Unveiled, and the last call will be sent on your last day of the program. The calls are 50-60 minutes, and you will receive 6 calls total.
  • In these Self-Marriage calls, Dominique will draw from the week’s theme and practices, share stories, and tie in the week’s theme to the essence of Self-Marriage, creating a space to deepen in your Self-Marriage journey. You will also hear women who have been in the program before share their challenges, insights, reflections and questions for you to receive inspiration and support.
  • When you begin the program, you will be invited to join Self-Marriage Unveiled Facebook group, a community to share, be seen and supported as your journey unfolds.


The Program

Week 1: Your Engagement: Setting Intention
Week 2: Understanding Who You Are
Week 3: What Matters in Your Wild and Precious Life
Week 4: Understanding Commitment
Week 5: Facing Obstacles & the Many Ways We Play Small
Week 6: Prioritizing Nourishment
Week 7: Writing Vows
Week 8: Relaxing into Gratitude
Week 9: Self-Marriage Ceremony
Week 10: Integration & Living It


Why would I want to marry myself?

Marriage is a profound rite of passage into adulthood, partnership, family, companionship, and deep love.

Self-Marriage is just as profound a rite of passage into wholeness, trust, self-responsibility, self-liberation, and love sourced from within. It is a ritual of transformation, of proclaiming fully what is true in your heart and being celebrated by your community as you make it known that you are ready to live your full potential of love.

Like Marriage, Self-Marriage is a powerful ceremony and initiation, but it is also a deep and steady, day-to-day commitment.

It requires getting up every morning, rain or shine, and tending your children–doing the work it takes to see through the many veils of distraction, doubt, unworthiness, fear, and separation that keep us trapped in the momentum of a life we did not choose.

It requires commitment–yes, commitment, that much-feared C-word. I promise you, commitment is not as scary as you think–it’s actually quite liberating once you’re in it. In marrying yourself, you unveil what you already deeply love and care about and commit to it. You allow what truly matters to you to be at the forefront of your life. There is no need for forced self-motivation: the love that feeds your commitment is already there; it’s been there since the day you were born.

It is a huge statement to make: to marry yourself, to marry the essence of you, to choose a life of love.

The world needs it.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver



$20 per week = $200

To register, click on the button below. After you complete your payment, you will be taken to a receipt page. Click “Go back to Self-Marriage Ceremonies” to then sign up with your name and email address for the program. Important: Without this step, your registration is not complete and you may need to wait a few days for your program to begin.


Or pay in 4 bimonthly installments of $50:


Note: If you use Gmail, be sure to check your promotions tab for the first email. You can drag the email into your inbox to make sure you receive future emails in your inbox.

What You Get

  • 10 weeks of guidance, practice, and inquiries to support you in marrying yourself
  • A weekly email with a Self-Marriage question, practice, and inspirational writing
  • Clear, step-by-step guidance from your Self-Engagement in week 1 to your Self-Marriage in week 9 and a final week of integration
  • 6 recordings of Self-Marriage Calls (50-60 min) where you will have the chance to deepen in your practice, reflect on your insights and challenges throughout your Self-Marriage journey.
  • Additional support of sisterhood through the Self-Marriage Unveiled Facebook group


Private Sessions

One-hour private sessions are available during your program to support you in your Self-Marriage journey through with one-on-one support from Dominique, for a special price of $50 per session (normally $75). Contact Dominique for details at connect@selfmarriageceremonies.com


Who am I?

I am Dominique Youkhehpaz, the founder of Self-Marriage Ceremonies. I have guided hundreds of people into marrying themselves and am thrilled to offer Self-Marriage now in way that is globally accessible. Ever since I first facilitated Self-Marriage ceremonies for women at Burning Man in 2011, I have never turned back; I have dedicated my life to this work because it means everything to me. I know the potency of transformation and depth of lived intention that Self-Marriage brings those who step into its fire. I have witnessed people leave abusive relationships, step more fully into their life’s work, meet their beloved, and simply settle into inner peace without the need for big life changes by marrying themselves. And I know my own Self-Marriage has led me down this wild and fulfilling path of living out my heart’s YES, being a leader of my own life, and sharing this with you.


chameli headshot“I know Dominique to be a fierce lover of truth, and a shining star of the new generation of teachers blessing our planet in this time. She embodies innocence and ancient wisdom, and her devotion to the inner marriage is infectious. She guides you home to what really matters with such gentleness and compassion that you cannot help falling in love, with you.”

~Chameli Ardagh, founder of AwakeningWomen.com



“The essence of Dominique, how to describe? So very awake and so very alive. She lives in love, she sings like a dove, surely this angel was sent from above.

Wisdom is on her lips, truth is in her heart, and in an effortless dance she helps walls fall apart. Her beauty radiates from the inside out, she reminds us all to doubt our doubt. In marrying ourselves, we marry our choice. We remember, we remember, to trust the inner voice. We sink even deeper into our most authentic selves, we take all the stories and we put them on shelves.

Dominique has been a dear sister and guide, an example for all, a light on the path. It’s a lot of energy marrying yourself — I felt tremendous shifts and left the ceremony feeling ecstatic, elevated, and supported. The practices we did together were all heart opening, softening, intimate, devotional, playful and deep. Dominique is the real deal and walks her talk. I was honored to have her officiate my self-marriage. What a gift.”

~Persephone Rivka


Who is this program for?

This course is designed for those who feel ready to marry themselves and those who have already married themselves and wish to renew their vows. Maybe you are just beginning to feel the Self-Marriage impulse stir inside you, or maybe you’ve known it for a while.

You may be in any phase of life: in transition, struggling, thriving, married, single, lonely, fulfilled, busy, calm. Whatever phase you are in, you feel a strong yearning to look deeper into yourself, to examine your life and commit to living it more fully by marrying yourself.



How is Self-Marriage different from Self-Help programs?

There are enough people and programs around us telling us how to live, how to solve this or find that, feeding into the endless game of seeking in us–whether it is money or a partner or enlightenment or self-love. While it is definitely helpful to be given answers, practical support and tools to approaching the many challenges of life, we tend to lose trust in ourselves along the way. We can forget our own wisdom and freedom to choose.

Self-Marriage restores the responsibility and authority of how to live your life to you. Self-Marriage is a path to discover, recognize, and trust your own authority.

This program will hold a clear container for you to dive into self-inquiry and self-trust, commit to what matters to you, and live it in day-to-day life–but you will have to be the one to dive. You will notice in this Self-Marriage program that you will not be told what to do or “how to love yourself in 10 easy steps.” There will be flexibility with the practices, and even with clear instruction, the authority will always be given to you.



How much time will I need to spend each week on the material?

You will have the flexibility to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours per week with the material provided. It is your own dedication that will feed you, and this program is intended as food for your own dedication.

What if I fall behind in the program?

There is no such thing–you are encouraged to listen to your own natural rhythm and unfolding during this program, so if there is a certain theme that you wish to practice with longer, go with it. If you discover that you need 10 months instead of 10 weeks for your Self-Marriage process, honor that, and know these 10 weeks will give you the material, support, and structure you need to begin the ongoing practice and ever-deepening journey of Self-Marriage.



Reflections from Women in Previous Self-Marriage Unveiled Programs

Yes, Absolutely Yes. One of the rare experiences in life where words cannot suffice..
~Trang Le



It’s a deep process, and you’re worth it. The program is really well done, and Dominique is totally inspiring, offering this as part of her life’s work!
~Summer Egland, Massage Therapist ~ ExceptionalCMT.com



Dominique is a wonderful, loving woman that made me feel safe and nurtured. She provides tools and guidance to live the trust and faith in self that we all talk about!
~Lacey Ruskin



I had a lot of insights. I have figured out that the vast majority of what has been presented to me as the truth and the light really isn’t applicable to me. I am my own best guide as far as what is good for me. This hasn’t been a 10 week process, but a lifelong one, but in the past 10 weeks, answers became clearer than they’ve ever been.
~Paula White


JenMarrying myself has truly changed my life. I never could have imagined how powerful it would be for me. I had my marriage ceremony while I was on a 10 day silent meditation retreat over New Year’s. I was married on 12/31/13 and knowing that that day (which has always had negative associations for me) is now *mine* is really amazing. It’s my anniversary. The day when an altar appeared (only at a meditation center would an altar just magically appear when you’re taking a walk!), my marriage symbol came to me (an acorn on the ground next to the altar that is attached to itself – sort of two nuts bound together – but only really one nut)  but come on, it was a little nut attached to itself. That’s me! And finding that symbol made the vows come to me (after weeks of not being sure what they’d be). And it was the day when I promised to love and support myself in *this* life. Just as it is as this life unfolds. And I spent New Year’s Eve in my room at the retreat center – no phone, no computer, no friends, no other people at all – but I was WITH myself and felt a deep, deep sense of not being alone because I had myself. And that was a new feeling. Everyone’s experience is different but there’s something about setting aside this time for self-marriage reflections, rituals, ceremonies…it’s an experience that (I think) could help so many people to meet themselves with friendliness and love.
~Jen W.

Curious About Self-Marriage?

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“Dominique is a radiant star. Her warm heart shines in all directions, she has the ability to let love flow through… and it hits you like a wave of grace filled with curiosity, honesty, power, humor and innocence. She is a poetess of truth and her abundant creativity inspires me to dive deeper into the devotional aspect of feminine essence. This amazing young woman has wisdom and experience to share, to be in her presence is a true gift of life. I warmly recommend her Self-Marriage process.”
~Devika Fossen, Norway, bodyworker, www.kjelda.net
One August day, in a large tipi in the vast desert of Burning Man, 40 women sat packed close together. With such a crowd, and in the dry heat, I might’ve been uncomfortable except that, within the space of an hour, all of us felt like one beautiful, ephemeral community, and the closeness wasn’t uncomfortable, but welcome. Dominique brought us into that space, turning us from strangers into witnesses to each other’s deepest struggles. The most powerful part of our Self-Marriage experience was watching each woman, one at a time, face a mirror and tell herself the vow of love she’d always wanted to hear. The honest emotion carried me out of that tent feeling alive and strong and in touch with myself: knowing that there are so many women out there, some like me, some totally different, but all so human and vulnerable and yet brave and beautiful at the core. I was touched and honored to be witness to that process. It was a form of sharing. It proved there’s a community of people out there who want to grow and shine with love from their own selves. And it helped me see a way to nurture that self-loving instinct within me.
Dominique made that sharing possible. She knows how to guide group energy, how to encourage people without pushing them beyond their boundaries. And to the ceremony she brought her whimsical creativity, the self-awareness and quiet sense of humor that kept us all comfortable in the unfamiliar territory of Self-Marriage. When I left the tipi, I wasn’t reborn, I wasn’t a new person: but I was a person sure that I’m on the right path. I had new ideas for how to be tender and compassionate to myself. And I don’t feel alone. If you want to embrace the journey towards self-love and peaceful acceptance, or even just check in with yourself along the way, Dominique can give you the space, the focus, and the wedding bouquet.
-Emily Bookstein


More questions?

Contact connect@selfmarriageceremonies.com


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin