Holy Union

???????????????? Guest Poem by Alyra Rose

alyra3Breath breathed into lungs forgotten
mouth wide open
gulping air like it was your last chance
remembering what has always been there
hello old friend
hello wise Witch
You have been sleeping for sometime now
marinating in the blackness
skulking around in the dark
but?something moves in you
something fierce
ready to embark on the journey
waking from the deep
writhing in rapture
What secrets do you keep?
Whisper them.
Return them to me
And wake from your slumber
Hide no more from the light of day
You came to pray
To move
like worship in motion
you drip potions
spells linger upon your lips
like oceans…abandoned
finger tips?like wooden spoons
churning the old into something new
You draw out the poison
by the edge of your teeth
as you sink beneath the soil of the earth
Worthy are you
of Her love
So you melt like snow in the sunlight
As she drinks you into Her flesh
At Her feet you rest
Re-united at last
Witnessed in holy matrimony
to your buried beloved.
She wakes,
Stirring in the base of your bosom.
She moves,
Ready to meet you.

image: Kuan Yin by Zeng Hao

These words were inspired by Temple Within, a Self-Marriage-Ayurvedic-Yoga Retreat over New Years with Kameko Shibata and Dominique Youkhehpaz at Harbin Hot Springs.

I am forever changed
Growing up in a culture robbed of ritual
I ache for union with the divine
to realign with the wisdom within
and without
I am grateful for this opportunity to go deep within and learn the language of my heart.
I truly believe one cannot fully show up for anyone else until you learn to show up for yourself.
What does that look like?
How does it feel?

May you be nourished
May you be full
May you be gentle upon your child spirit
and know LOVE

?~Alyra Rose


alyra and rainbow guitarAbout Alyra Rose

Named after the constellation Alpha Lyra, Alyra Rose is herself a MuSEical constellation of creation. She is a rambunctious,?soulful singer/songwriter with lyrics that will capture your heart. Her songs express her deep desires to re-pattern our worn out ways self-sabotage into self-empowerment and inspire those who are ready, to be an instrument of change in a world ready for REVolution.?She just completed her first Album Hereafter. She is based out of Santa Rosa where she is continuing her studies in Ayurveda and fusing her passion for healing and music.






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