Temple Within: A New Year’s Retreat for Women

Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA
December 30, 2014 – January 1, 2015

Nourish into the New Year with Kameko and Dominique

Imagine what it would be like to begin the New Year completely nourished, inspired, and rejuvenated. To unplug, unwind, and soothe your body, heart and soul with a delicious mix of hot springs, yoga, Ayurvedic self-care, art, dance, deep ceremony, women’s ritual, and delicious food.

You are invited to Temple Within: A New Year’s Retreat for Women at Harbin Hot Springs.

This 3-Day Retreat Includes:d111

  • Vinyasa Yoga classes (for all levels)
  • Ayurvedic Self-Care class
  • Pranayama and Meditation practices
  • Women’s Temple
  • A Self-Marriage Ceremony
  • Freeflow dance practice
  • 3-day access to Harbin Hot Springs
  • 2 nights of indoor/outdoor camping lodging
  • 5 catered organic vegetarian meals


You will leave this retreat with:

  • A deep exhale
  • A nourished body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • A deep connection within and to a circle of sisters
  • Inspiration to bridge what you most deeply love and value with your daily life
  • A love and commitment to nourish yourself in your daily life
  • Tools and practices for your self-care at home
  • A salt scrub according to your Ayurvedic constitution that you made yourself
  • A vision board you’ve created to bring in the New Year



Early Bird: $400 before Nov 15d11

After Nov 15: $450


click the button below to register:


Once you register, you will receive a welcome letter with more details and information to help you settle in and prepare for this amazing time together!



Dominique at connect@selfmarriageceremonies.com

Kameko at kidkameko@gmail.com

About Women’s Temple

d13filterWomen’s Temple is:
~ a sanctuary for the feminine where we meet from that holy place in our hearts
~ a practice of embodied spirituality with movement, prayer, connection, and respectful touch
~ a place for you to be celebrated, seen, and deeply nourished–all of you is welcome here
~ a community of conscious sisterhood~Together, we create a safe and sacred container to dive deeply into practices that bring us face-to-face with our feminine essence, open us to the insights we need to live fully awake in this modern life, and support us to relax into the knowing that we are not alone–that we do this together.For me, Women’s Temple feels like returning home to myself and to my body’s timeless remembering of what real sisterhood once was and can be.

for more information about Women’s Temple from the founder, Chameli Ardagh,
visit www.AwakeningWomen.com/WomensTemple



About Self-Marriage

d3Self-Marriage is the commitment to live what we know to be true in our hearts, to honor the relationship with our own soul. It is the commitment to radically honor, value, and practice self-love and self-compassion in order to live a better life and help minimize the collective suffering of the world. One human experience at a time.

Self-Marriage is a profound rite of passage into wholeness, trust, self-responsibility, self-liberation, and love sourced from within. It is a ritual of transformation, of proclaiming what is true in your heart and being celebrated as you make it known that you are ready to live your full potential. It is the commitment to radically honor and express your gifts and the precious gift of your life. It is the freedom to live authentically in alignment with your deepest values. It is the dedication to love, no matter what.



We provide Organic gluten free vegetarian food that is damn delicious! We are very sensitive to food needs (because we are sensitive ourselves). Please let us know if you have any special dietary requests. We provide 5 delicious meals, endless herbal tea and snacks. We offer dinner on Tuesday, brunch and dinner on Wednesday and breakfast and lunch on Thursday. Please eat prior to arrival at 2pm on Tuesday and be prepared to buy or make your own lunch on Wed. We end before dinner on Thursday.


Indoor/outdoor camping is included with the retreat cost. This means you can sleep inside the retreat room, camp on the deck outside the mountain lodge building, or camp anywhere on the Harbin property. Since it will be winter, it will likely be cold at night and if you prefer, you can reserve various indoor accommodations for an additional cost through Harbin directly.

Here are the additional room options and approximate cost for 2 nights:

Women’s Dormitory- $120
Tent Cabin (for 2)- $200
ide Room (for 1-2)- $180-$380
Mainside Cottage (for 2++)- $460-$510
Grove Cottage (for 2++)- $460-$510
Domes Rooms (for 1-2)- $140-$380

to reserve one of these rooms, go here: http://www.harbin.org/reservations/



The retreat will begin at approx. 2 pm on Tuesday 12/30 and end by 6pm on Thursday 1/1. You can arrive as early as 12 pm Tuesday to soak , and stay until 10 pm Thursday. Please check in at the front gate before coming to the Mountain Lodge. There is a full kitchen in both the lodge and the main Harbin area.


Things to bring

  • Warm clothes, clothes you can sweat in, and ceremonial clothes
  • Camping gear: sleeping bag, mat, pillow, tent
  • towels
  • flashlight
  • notebook
  • snacks
  • yoga mat
  • 2 extra little blankets or towels as yoga props
  • NON glass water bottle
  • the desire to relax

Things to note

The tubs are clothing optional, but the retreat is not! There is no cell phone service or wi-fi there, Hallelujah! There is a landline someone in case of emergencies.

Please carpool. Email us if you’re interested in offering or taking a ride from the Bay.

All retreats are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding. If the event sells out or you find another person to take your spot we can consider a refund.


1425700_10102675032634963_1441146258_nAbout Kameko

Kameko is a yoga teacher, ayurvedic practioner, massage therapist and aerial acrobat in Oakland, CA.

Kameko’s love affair with yoga has spanned ten years and five continents! And her teaching reflects her love, curiosity and dedication to yoga and the exploration of breath. Her delicious vinyasa classes invite you to come deeply into your breath and body through safe and challenging sequences combined with sound, breath, and core work.

She weaves her passion for the traditional yoga & ayurvedic practices of India with sweaty evolutionary movement, chanting and the occasional swear word for a refreshingly honest experience. Kameko strives to see her students– always offering individual attention and safe adjustments.

Her creative sequencing is inspired by studying the “vinyasa krama” system at the Krishnamaycharya Yoga Mandariam in India. As well as her 650 hours of Yoga Alliance training, from the Ashrams of India, to studying with Mary Paffard, Ana Forest and Alice Joanou. She is currently inspired by ParaYoga and studying with Rod Stryker.

Kameko received her Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner Certification from the Dhyana Center of Health Sciences in 2009, where she went on to complete over 1,000 hours in a 2-year internship under her teacher, DeAnna Batdorff. Kameko continues her work with the Dhyana Center helping run their donation-based clinic, lead Pancha Karmas and TA in certification courses. She is has been the resident Ayurvedic practitioner for Namaste Oakland’s Wellness Program since Jan 2012.


DominiqueAbout Dominique

Dominique Youkhehpaz is a Women’s Temple facilitator and the founder of Self-Marriage Ceremonies, a practice of honoring our own soul and committing to our innermost essence as a rite of passage into wholeness. Over the last 3 years, she has guided hundreds of women into their Self-Marriage and has led the sacred ritual of Women’s Temple in groups throughout Northern California. Her purpose in life is to help hold a space within and for all to drop into our true nature of being, to love ourselves more fully, and to experience the true intimacy of the divine in order to create a world where we live, serve, and embody love.

Dominique has dedicated her life to the pursuit and study of love as a force for global, social, and personal change. She holds a B.A. from Stanford University in Cultural & Social Anthropology, with a focus in Love, Ritual, and Religion.

Dominique has studied intensely within Awakening Women Institute, a foundation for embodied feminine spiritual practice. She spends a third of the year deeply immersed in Awakening Women retreats in Northern California, Greece, Germany, and India.


The beautiful photos on this page (except headshots) are taken by Bibbie Friman, Awakening Photographer.

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